SESA Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

For a full refund, you must cancel 14 days before the start of the class.

Less than 14 days notice will result in a penalty of 20% of the undiscounted class fee on your refund.

If an emergency arises which means you must withdraw within the 14-day period we will accommodate you for a full refund.

Refunds may take up to 60 days to reach you.

Transfer Policy

You are allowed to transfer a registration once into an equivalent class, at a later date, at no extra charge. This registration cannot be transferred more than once. If you require a second transfer of a registration, we will issue you a refund with the 20% penalty mentioned above, and you may register yourself in further classes. 

The Solar Energy Society of Alberta assumes no liability for any costs external to the course that the student may incur as a result of course cancellation or transfer, including but not limited to: airfare, hotels, parking, food, etc.

Please contact us with questions.

SESA Memberships are Non-Refundable

Only the cost of the class that you paid will be re-imbursed, not including the cost of any memberships purchased simultaneously. If you accidentally purchased the wrong membership, please contact us