The Future of Transportation Symposium April 27, 2013

Posted: Thursday, January 17, 2013 - 6:15pm

The Solar Energy Society of Alberta, the City of Edmonton, ENMAX and NAIT are teaming up to offer a day- long symposium on future transportation options including electric, hybrid, biodiesel, human-powered, hydrogen and solar technologies!
The Car Show will showcase approximately 40 alternative vehicles from converted electric cars and trucks, R&D prototypes on up to the latest green production vehicles. Twenty free workshops throughout the day will cover owner’s experiences, environmental impacts of various options, DIY conversions, utilizing solar power for transport and more. Two solar demonstration trailers will demonstrate solar electric and solar hot water technologies.

The Car Show
✴ University of Alberta Hydrogen Fuel Cell Race Car
✴ All-Electric Tesla Roadster
✴ All-Electric Tesla Model S
✴ Reynolds Museum 1911 Detroit Electric
✴ Chevy Volt
✴ All-Electric Mitsubishi i-MiEV
✴ Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid Conversion
✴ All-Electric Nissan Leaf
✴ Prairie Gold Biodiesel-Powered Jet Cars
✴ The Electric Lithium Hawk
✴ City of Edmonton’s Green Fleet Including an All-
Electric Ford Transit Connect
✴ Ford Ranger Electric Conversion
✴ Japanese Mini Truck Electric Conversion
✴ Porsche 944 Electric Conversion
✴ And more...

✴ The Future of Transportation: Your Green Transportation Options
✴ How Green Are They? - The Carbon Footprint of Emerging Vehicle Technologies
✴ Electric Vehicle Conversion 101
✴ Make Your Own Biodiesel
✴ Convert a Prius Hybrid to a Plug-in Hybrid
✴ Solar Power Your Home and Your Car ✴ Cold-Weather EV Performance
✴ Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology
✴ Tesla Owners Discussion Panel
✴ And more...!

It is all free.