How to Choose a Solar Provider

Hiring a solar contractor is often an essential part of your solar project. These are steps we recommend in order to find a helpful contractor.

  1. Research Contractors
  2. Expect:
    • A phone conversation to answer all of your questions.

    • An economic analysis based on information provided, site satellite photos, utility bill.

    • Site visit - usually free or if a distance, a reimbursable mileage fee.

  3. Enquire about:
    • Number of systems installed

    • Certification

    • Length of time in business

    • Product and labour warranties

  4. Request References: 3-6
  5. Request Documentation:
    • Proof of Liability Insurance

    • Proof of Workers' Compensation Insurance

  6. Require a Complete Contract Including:
    • Installation Timetable

    • Who is Doing the Work

    • Equipment Specifications

    • Payment Schedule

    • Change Order Details

    • Dispute Resolution Process

    • Warranty Information