Off-Grid Solar Systems


CN Theatre, MacEwan University
105 Street and 104 Avenue
Edmonton AB T5J 5G5
Wednesday, April 26, 2017 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm


Erhard Hermann - President, Boyd Solar


Do you have a dream of moving off grid?  Do you have a cabin or remote home that you want to wean off of generator power?  Do you have an existing solar system that is under-performing or in need of expansion?  Successful off-grid living  requires a well-thought-out custom design, high quality equipment and good servicing procedures. Come hear a seasoned Alberta off-grid installer/dealer cover the basics of system siting, design, equipment selection and maintenance. 

Erhard is one of Alberta’s pioneers in renewable energy with the primary focus of providing reliable storage based systems in Alberta and the NWT. He has extensive experience in the testing of these systems at his home and shop, which is one of the most comprehensive and complex private test centers of renewable energy products. He has never had to resort to the use of a back-up generator in 15 years!  Erhard is a Master Electrician. He now focuses his attention on off-grid solar systems and custom electrical control systems.