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With a strong structural/mechanical background and collaborative partnerships in the growing solar industry, we are equipped to assist in the design and engineering of solar installations.
Our expertise regarding solar installations lies in the following services:

Existing Roof Capacity Analysis
This service includes an engineering analysis of the existing roof based on the relevant building code in order to determine the potential feasibility of adding a solar installation from a structural perspective. The output of this service is an Engineering Technical Memorandum outlining the assumptions and results of the analysis. 

Structural Roof Survey with Detailed Structural Drawing
Technical structural roof CAD drawing. This service can be provided if complete structural drawings are not able to be provided for the roof capacity analysis. Drawing details will show structural member sizes and locations.

Hanging Dead Load Survey
This service can be provided if there are hanging dead loads with unidentified weights that are relevant to completing the structural analysis of adding a solar installation to the above roof.

Solar Mounting Review
This service is to provide a verification of the required ballasting for the solar installation to protect against uplift and sliding based on the location specific environmental conditions.  Racking and hardware analysis can also be provided upon request based on the unique needs of each project. 

Installation Inspection
Following final installation, an inspection from a Pure Mosaic representative is provided to ensure that all analysis assumptions remain valid and that the installation has been done correctly.

Plan View Roof Survey with Detailed Structural Drawing
We are able to provide a technical plan view CAD drawing of the roof showing overall dimensions and detailed location of all relevant objects (mechanical equipment, vents, roof access, etc.).

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