Azgard's 10kW microFIT Projects

Lessons Learned

In accordance with the Ontario Power Authority and Hydro One, Azgard built 71 10kW microFIT solar units in Northwestern Ontario. The SunRanger™ Solar Energy System was designed and developed for Azgard's use but is now being sold to individual landowners to be constructed on private land. Our system features a low-to-the-ground manual tilt system that captures more reflective energy off the snow cover. The manual tilt system is easy to adjust and can be done four times a year, with each season, to optimize energy production. No motorization eliminates downtime and costly repairs. These 71 SunRanger™ Solar Systems are now connected to the grid and producing energy.

Technical Specifications

Grid Status: 
Year of Install: 
Facility Type: 
System Size: 
10 000 watts