2010 Beacon Heights NetZero Commercial Retrofit

Lessons Learned

How to take a 50 year old building and bring it to a standard well above current building code levels.Remember that a small business can make a difference and impact climate change.Whole building design is the best approach to reduce waste and costs and maximize efficiencies.Although renewable energy gets the attention there is no denying the importance of insulation and an air tight building envelope. You can have an office that has a very small impact on our environment. A small business can reduce their carbon footprint to a net zero level in their office which is difficult in other parts of their business such as transportation. Solar Photovoltaics are a key component to achieving a NetZero Carbon and NetZero Energy office environment. The property is also being converted from a paved parking lot to food producing land again.


4508 121 Avenue
Edmonton, AB T5W 2V1

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Technical Specifications

Grid Status: 
Year of Install: 
Facility Type: 
System Size: 
8 400 watts