About Solar in Alberta

16. Is Alberta a good place for solar energy?

Alberta has an abundance of solar energy that is free and waiting to be used. Germany has been of the forefront of global solar development. The map below shows that Alberta has a significantly greater solar resource than Germany

Image provided by Natural Resources Canada 

17. What is the ideal tilt angle for my solar array?

A solar module will produce the most electricity when it is perpendicular to the rays of the sun.  Therefore the general rule of thumb for the best annual production is to set the tilt angle equivalent to the latitude. For summer production the ideal angle is latitude - 15°. For winter production set it at latitude +15°.  Edmonton, please check out the NAIT/City of Edmonton Reference Array System on the SESA website for more detail. 

18. Should I change the angle of my array manually throughout the year?

Changing the tilt of the array is up to each solar system owner.  Most on-grid system owners do not change the angle. Off-grid systems have greater needs during the winter months.  It often makes sense to change the tilt twice a year at spring and autumn equinox. Changing the tilt angle twice a year will typically increase annual production by 4-5%. Ground mount arrays are usually easier to access than roof mounts.  

19. How many solar systems are there in Alberta?

The number of Alberta solar systems is growing rapidly. The last several years have seen annual growth rates of 100%. The Solar Society of Alberta provides an updated “odometer” of the number of grid-tied systems and their annual environmental impact at http://www.solaralberta.ca.


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