Big Solar – Alberta’s Utility Scale Solar Projects

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CN Theatre - MacEwan University
10460 105 St NW Room 5-142
Edmonton AB T5J 4S2
A Presentation and Panel Discussion with Solar Farm Developers
Thursday, December 6, 2018 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm


Alberta has installed its first 17 MW solar farm. The Alberta Electric System Operator’s Connection Queue presently has proposals for over 4 Gigawatts of solar generating capacity! What are these projects and who are the developers? What are the planning and environmental considerations for this level of development? Round 1 of the Renewable Energy Program (REP) auction in 2017 successfully delivered nearly 600 MW of wind generation at a weighted average bid price of $37/MWh – setting a new record in Canada. Large solar projects in the US, India, and Chile are coming in with very competitive pricing. What is the potential for large solar project pricing here? What are the short and long term ratepayer benefits of Alberta’s embracing of big solar?


Annette and Stephan Dautel – Directors, Dautel Solutions 

  • Overview of the world-wide utility-scale solar PV development
  • Evolution of Germany’s renewable energy and solar market.
  • Update on utility-scale solar PV in Germany today.

Mikhail Ivanchikov – President, Dandelion Renewables

  • A comparison of the levelized cost of utility-scale solar PV in BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan considering the current policies and programs available.
  • An overview of the first and largest utility-scale solar project in Western Canada in Brooks, Alberta.

Nathaniel Papay – EPCOR Utilities 

  • Creating Clean Water with Clean Power - EPCOR’s proposed 12MW E.L. Smith Solar Farm Project